The Greatest Honors For the World

Going green? The World changes ONE action at a time. Actions go from top role model actions to great ideas. A good action needs to be honored so more want to follow their example and be inspired to exceed the good example. Good examples benefit the planet and people. Everyones future!


Workplace or community? Get nonimated for the statuette

Enjoy the examples the world shares with you!

Liking a good example is crutial to help the climate. Share and like. No matter if you are a citizen, a city or a company, you have the power to change the world.

Make sure the place you work at and the place you life have a Whogreen climate page. Each page is a game changer in the race for a clean and safe world.


Business and city recognitions

The thought leadership of sustainability sharing brings us to the Mesetta Statuette. The Mother Earth Statuette Award. The mother holding the Earth can remind us of the creation, the motherhood of this Earth we live on.

As a human species we can make use of the wonderful planet, and yet we have come to understand that we need to give back. There is a consensus to leave the Earth in a condition so that the next generations can enjoy it too. Join the thousands of companies and cities who work to reduce its negative impact on the environment. One star at a time.

Star Rating

The overall picture and the details

WHOGREEN Stars recognizes actions.

  1. To reduce “your all things” footprint.
  2. To let old things carry on as a new thing.
  3. To use new resources with a smaller footprint.
  4. To learn about green actions where you go.
  5. To give your resources a second chance.
  6. To give room for a variety of species.
  7. To enjoy what is also just natural.

Reserve in Advance

Reserve your time to be looked at. Contact us to let us come your way.

Reserve your time to upload your Whogreen Climate Page. It’s fast and easy. Order now or contact.

If you’re not bound by business as usual, take the opportunity to learn from the people who share your interest; building green, producing green, selling green and living green.

Essentially, it comes down to whether the actions are good enough to warrant going out of your way to check them out. The overall 3 stars rating let you know its worth looking into. The best details are rewarded with a Whogreen Star.

Overall: One to three stars.
Detail: Detail stars are marked with 3-7.

From the Inventor of Whogreen

Knowledge is power, knowledge is progress. Where has it taken us?

No money in the world, not best schools of the world has taken us in the right direction for the past many years when it comes to the climate and natural species survival. We have made progress in a tons of other ways. To improve our health. To heal the sick. Okay so we need to get smarter. How do we do that?

We do something different. We look to those who have taken bold choices and work tirelessly to improve things. The bottom line rules, what can pay? The only solution is to put money into a collective pile and get it done. We celebrate those who get it done and those who pay. Will you help us?

Henriette Birk


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