What does the WhoGreen Global Stars mean?
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The sustainable players that make up a sustainable society

Star rating and icon

The intelligence behind the WhoGreen Global Stars help teach and inform about environmental sustainability.
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16 different icons for Global Progress

1. 7 star Mighty Jasmine. Role model methods.
2. 7 star Magic Rose. “Own actions” level 1.
3. 6 star Green Globe. Role model schemes.
4. 6 star Adorable Lily. “Own actions” level 2.
5. 5 star Creative Orchid. Pioneers and innovation.
6. 5 star Wild Wings. Thought leadership.
7. 5 star Friendly Sunflower. Certified actions.
8. 4 star Forever Tree. Circular materials.
9. 4 star Ideal Leaves. Action participation.
10. 4 star Happy Wildflower. Product feature.
11. 4 star Fine Daisy. Business product feature.
12. 3 star Lucky Heart. Support of causes.
13. 3 star Natures Letter. Informed actions.
14. 3 star Wise Label. Certification labels.
15. 3 star Sunshine Face. Explore actions.
16. 3 star Brave Compass. Sustainable goals.

8 areas of engagement

The sustainable levels of actions that make up a sustainable society.

Does businesses and places reduce the CO2 that is emitted? Does a business take part in it by help to reduce others CO2. More levels of engagement within environmental sustainability are worthy of a star.

Areas of engagement are:
1. Performed sustainability.
2. Organized sustainability.
3. Products with sustainability facts and features.
4. Participating in sustainability.
5. Sustainability by leadership and special dedication.
6. Information related sustainability.
7. Experience (event) sustainability.
8. Goals for sustainability.

Colors of sustainability

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